Case Study: Mobile Cloud Printing @ St. Joseph'

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Mark Patenaude

Vice-President and General Manager at ePRINTit

In 2013 St. Joseph Communications and its mobile cloud printing solution called ePRINTit were in search of a file-to-print system that could complement their current mobile and email cloud-based print services offered to the higher education school market. They needed a system that would combine quickly (had to be up and running in 30-days) and seamlessly with their offerings, and could allow for confidential account control at public use printers in labs and libraries.

Racad Tech provided them with the complete file-to-print solution and programmed many customized aspects that the students love. They can now offer simple drag and drop printing from a file to the new system, send several files a once, select pages or selected objects, print web pages and almost any application file, and the student can be anywhere using any computer device loaded with the driver (Mac and PC). The service has worked flawlessly and has supported their needs for over 2-million page downloads so far in its first year without a single issue.

Web-to-print allows easy accessibility for students, who can now print from any device, from anywhere, and send their files into the ePrintit system and pull print them to any on campus ePRINTit system. “I would not hesitate to recommend the service and capabilities of Racad Tech,” says Mr. Patenaude.

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