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Captivate customers with the rapid and simple experience they expect. Grow you order by automating job ticketing, production management, and cost tracking, all with a highly configurable, safe, and scalable solution that meets even the most formidable corporate necessities.


More automation. More control. More ROI.

Multiply automation and increase volume as much as 30-300% without increasing staff – W2P Cloud makes it happen.

Lower your digital document manufacturing costs by altering volume from more costly print sources, to cost-efficient in-house production printers. W2P Cloud has a proven, documented track record of providing superior ROI for customers.


Racad Tech delivers measurable results to in-house print centers.

Multiply employee fertility – Do more with less

Grow print capacity – Capture more company print, enlarge capabilities

Enhance customers – Supply immediate access to status print center orders


The Innovative Solution:

W2P Cloud automates web ordering, fulfillment job ticketing, production management, and chargebacks across corporate print centers.


The Business Benefits:

  • Multiply customer gratification growing services while supplying 24×7 ordering and job status.
  • Decrease costs by increasing volume – without adding staff
  • Better job turnaround by automating workflow
  • Supply greater brand and accounting control by centralizing printing and keeping jobs in house
  • Execute on time with proven installation process and after-sale assistance


The Unique Advantages:

  • Guaranteed: The only company to offer a 100% contentment guarantee
  • Valuable: Clever document and one-click print options for better user experience
  • In-depth: Print drivers for Mac and Windows guarantees print-ready PDFs
  • Clear: Online document ticketing and preview shows completed options as they are chosen, minimizing mistakes
  • Productive: Drive production printers via XML or native ticketing with several site aids
  • Effective: Aid for enterprise authentication, integration with enterprise applications


More Than a Storefront. An improved way of better quality and customer satisfaction.

W2P Cloud doesn’t just receive orders, but ensures each order is precise prior to reaching the print center. W2P Cloud develops advantages and qualities for in-house print centers in all vertical markets.


Rapid and instinctive user interface.

W2P Cloud’s hallmark is an intuitive ticketing and checkout. Creating new orders is simple, with single-click ticketing, graphical completed options for uploaded jobs, instinctive catalog search tools, and a rapid re-ordering using the fastest job submission in the industry.


The W2P Cloud interface features:

  • Easy user sign-on with real-time authentication
  • Set print options with one click
  • Smart document setup automates document ticketing for users by making optimal choices from document features
  • Job status open at any time via Web and email updates
  • Better customer satisfaction with interactive quoting, ticketing, as well as on-screen document previews before ordering


Keep your print center running smoothly and effectively every day.

W2P Cloud has built-in features to streamline document production, and can be further configured to meet your precise needs. Smart printing options show only sensical ticketing choices to end users. Our special production automation tool routes routine jobs automatically to printers, or to the next befitting production process.

  • Add productivity by subtracting re-ticketing and operator “touches” with electronic ticketing straight to hot folders for production.
  • Easily access management, reporting, and schedules with at-a-glance views of the whole production facility. Better process measurement data collection along with reporting, streamline billing, and chargeback processes all with a single solution.
  • Access volume discounts, several rate sheets, and pricing customers would rather access through defined business boundaries.
  • Enable common workflows, fulfillment tasks, and using barcoding to shift jobs through your workflows.

W2P Cloud is all you’ll ever need in technology. Racad Tech is all you’ll ever need in a software provider.


Built for in-house print centers.

W2P Cloud is secure, reliable, and ready to integrate seamlessly with existing corporate systems and processes. While additional jobs move to the print center, you’ll enjoy greater efficiency – with lower costs.

  • Separate logins with real-time enterprise authentication and support for single sign-on.
  • Customizable interface to rival corporate identity and web qualities; make customized pages for other sites or group of users.
  • Multilingual support with consistent help for several languages. Guidance for approval workflows.
  • Full reporting capabilities with enterprise business systems. Customize reports with an easy drag and drop.
  • Payment choices, with credit and campus ID cards, for secure ordering and payment.
  • Traditional M.I.S system functionality, including order entry, rapid estimating, workflow automation rules, barcoding, job tracking, as well as routing is standard to W2P Cloud.
  • Release architecture for integration with a wide range of third party applications, like variable data print, ready-made document management, and M.I.S systems.


Racad Tech customer success guarantee.

Our top goal is your success. We make sure your solution is implemented and functions precisely as you imagined.

We begin by patterning and configuring the correct print workflow for your personal needs, then begin a rigorous implementation process that’s generated unmatched results over the years. Finally, we provide ongoing help so your returns are endless.


Solution design and arrangement.

Success starts with a Racad Tech Professional services assessment and analysis to recommend the correct print workflow, which involves a precise statement of work to explain the solution. Our professional service team directs installation, simplifying system features and pre-configuring the server before shipment or activation, while providing project administration for easy implementation.


Installation and rollout.

Our technical analysts manage implementations tailored to your necessities and timeline, providing:

  • Installation preparation and timeline management.
  • Server / enterprise pre-configuration, as well as shipment; or configuration of hosted / cloud solution.
  • Remote installation services with normal status updates to the whole implementation crew.
  • Documentation, practice, customer pilot and entire rollout help.



Racad Tech’s industry leading customer support is delivered live staff via phone or email. Support includes:

  • Quick response time;
  • Fast remote access for speedy analysis and resolution.
  • Product help and software updates.
  • Complimentary online portal.
  • Collect software updates at zero cost.


Good availability and security

  • Backup server guidance.
  • Disaster recovery help.
  • SSL-encrypted data streams along with protocols.


Turnkey System

  • Flows on a highly scalable, dependable, Racad Tech provided server – VMware Image.
  • On-site or Cloud hosted.
  • Guidance available 24×7 with rapid remote access.


Target Markets

  • In-plants and corporate print centres set to enhance customer experience.
  • Markets includes; education, healthcare, manufacturing, high technology, finance, insurance, government/public sectors, legal, and retail.
  • In-plants engrossed in adding print production, subtracting turnaround time and multiplying efficiencies.
  • In-plants with several locations and different priorities.

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