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Since the late ‘90s, Racad Tech has always been leading the charge in the technological scene for a diverse group of industries. Whether it be gaming software, online banking and e-commerce applications, advertising programs, or, of course, print software, we delivered the most advanced and optimal solutions to our clients.

After selling our gaming and online technologies, we shifted our focus to the print industry. That’s because available printing technology for businesses weren’t keeping up with the rapidly advancing web technology that’s so crucial to running any business in this era.

Traditional print developers had over-architectured their solutions and didn’t pick up on the different variables that that make up efficiency, affordability and success in the print industry; that’s where we picked up the slack.  Having sold several booming web-to-print solutions to small and large print service provider and franchises, Racad Tech understands what it means to drive a successful web-to-print business.

As a forerunner of printing technology, Racad understands the complexities of working with web-to-print. Our principle employees and seasoned developers are the reason why we’re clouds above our competitors.

Tech-savvy, Print-savvy

Racad Tech’s Programmers, System Administrators, Project Managers, QA’s, Tech Support, or Deisgn Specialists are all print professionals with a long history within the printing industry. With our valuable experience and talented crew, we’ve driven several commercial and in-plant print shops to success and accommodated a wide variety of print infrastructures.

Rest assured, our web-to-print solutions are created by web-to-print experts.

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