With W2P Cloud, you can easily add value without adding staff

Today’s medical providers are being requested to do more with less, meaning they require print centers that can:

  • Provide electronic job submission vs. manual submission to streamline activity and lower operator touches.
  • Carry secure form ordering of present, accommodations documents on request; extinguish inventory and inaccuracy from outdated forms.
  • Increase recent services incorporating variable data templates and full color capacity.
  • Present same-day or next-day turnaround with simplicity and precision of automatic, digital proofs.


W2P Cloud for Healthcare

With W2P Cloud, Racad Tech has helped integrated Healthcare providers centralize their printing, so jobs can be received from every source and sent automatically to the most cost-efficient and unoccupied output device. W2P Cloud issues leading-edge software and workflow strategies to make print centers more orderly and gratify each of their consumers requirements.


Improve The Print Center Benefits 

  • Removing manual re-ticketing with ticketed print-ready files – even in multi-vendor environments.
  • Enlarge volume, update quality, abbreviate turnaround times, and present further services without increasing staff.
  • Pitch the print center to all audiences after multiplying services like web submission and variable data printing.


Administrator Benefits

  • Decrease costs by centralizing print, while enhancing protection with user authentication.
  • Access jobs in-house where they can be completed cost efficiently.
  • Discard manual cost analysis, chargeback, print purchasing and approval processes – full integration with ERP and eProcurement softwares.


End Users Benefits

  • Simple, secure 24×7 ordering system with real-time authentication.
  • Automation which permits one-day turnaround.
  • Rapid price quote and one-step ordering.


W2P Cloud opens a portal to your print center and frees up resources

With W2P Cloud for electronic job submissions:

  • Users offer jobs rapidly and effortlessly so patient care is always prioritized.
  • Job ticketing is undemanding for users with options accessible from the print center.
  • Quick, reactive control view; correct and organize access to forms and other fastened documents.
  • Approvers can revamp, controvert, or accept each position according to budgets or other elements if they aspire to.
  • End users may overlook online evidence of appointment cards, stationery, patient education, marketing materials and more, before ordering and accessing job rankings online at any given time.


W2P Cloud automates productive workflow from any source to any device

With QDirect routing jobs and supervising output system-wide:

  • Boost successfully by administering and automating manufacturing of items like patient statements.
  • Decrease costs by magnifying equipment application and increasing data-center print jobs.
  • Refine flexibility and turnaround by enabling workflows.
  • Centralize accounting, billing and business planning for several hospitals using one system, with an accurate record of who printed what and where.


Marketing print centers and building loyalty

Despite numerous hospital print centers possessing the skills and capabilities of commercial competitors, they frequently don’t know quite how to compete for market share and mind share.

You can leverage our skill through our web to print services to find proven practices that promote your potential in relevant and unforgettable ways. Utilize our template creation services and variable data printing capabilities to encourage your offering system-wide, from marketing and HR, to accounting, medical admission, patient care and dismiss planning.


Racad Tech is uniquely qualified to meet the needs of healthcare providers

We acknowledge the strain on integrated healthcare systems and medical providers to attain more diminishing resources. We’ve been helping hospitals print centers get the most of their existing investments and available budgets for decades.

Learn more about Racad’s proven W2P solutions for healthcare by calling 844.W2P.TECH, emailing info@w2p.solutions, or visiting W2P.cloud.

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