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Training For Web to Print Success

It is paramount importance to Racad that your service desk has all the skills necessary to carry out web-to-print jobs with confidence and ease.

Training will take place in-person, and online, in groups or in individuals as determined by you during the planning phase. The training can focus on key benefits of web-to-print and examine your existing clients’ potential need for web-to-print.

With our tried-and-true training, your business will become web-to-print-savvy in no time; we’re capable of training approximately 12 centres every 2 weeks!.

At the completion of the training, your print centers will have the following skills

  • Setting up store fronts
  • Creating basic static and variable products
  • Creating catalogues
  • Proficiency with Pricing
  • Creating service options for a product

All details and finalized training roadmap will be discusses at length and agreed upon meeting.

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