The campus print center can easily add value without adding staff

Since every school is being queried to do more with less, you need a print center that can offer:

  • Electronic job submission vs. manual job submission.
  • Same-day or next-day turnarounds.
  • Automatic, digital proofs to guarantee precision.
  • Full capabilities for color, variable data, and finishing.

Racad Tech has been making the grades for decades

For over 20 years, Racad Tech has helped universities centralize their printing so jobs are collected from every branch and sent automatically to the most unoccupied and beneficial  output device.

Today, Racad Tech provides leading-edge software and workflow strategies to make print centers more efficient, satisfying each of their customers’ needs.

Delight The Print Center:

  • Remove manual re-ticketing with ticketing print-ready files – even in multi-vendors environments.
  • Raise volume, quality and speed without adding staff.
  • Unlatch the print center to all audiences upon adding services like web submission and variable data printing.

Impress Administrators: 

  • Get rid of time-consuming manual cost analysis and chargeback reporting – full integration with leading ERP/MIS software.
  • Decrease costs by centralizing print and manufacturing data-center print.
  • Permit print jobs to stay on campus where they can be finished more cost-systematically.

Delight End Users: 

  • Simple 24×7 ordering system from any browser.
  • Automation that accesses one-day turnaround and streamlined production.
  • Quick price quotes.

W2P Cloud opens a portal to your campus’ print center and frees up your resources

With W2P Cloud for electronic job submission:

  • Users can rapidly submit jobs from any browser, keeping education as the focus.
  • Intuitive job ticketing for users, with options open from the center.
  • Administrators can revamp, controver, or accept each position according to budget or usage rights.
  • End users may overlook online evidence to reassure precision and access job ranking without contacting the print center.

W2P Cloud automates production workflow from any source to any device

With W2P Cloud controlling and routing jobs, alongside managing output campus wide:

  • Improve productivity by managing and automating items like course packs and tests.
  • Better flexibility and turnaround by simplifying workflow.
  • Decrease charges by maximizing equipment utilization and adding datacenter print jobs.
  • Centralize accounting, billing and business planning.

Marketing print centers and building loyalty

Despite the fact many campus print centers have the skills and capabilities of commercial competitors, they frequently don’t know how to compete for market share and mind share.

Universities can leverage Racad Tech’s experience through our user groups. Discover proven practices that encourage capability in relevant and unforgettable ways. Utilize our template creation services and variable data printing capabilities to encourage your capabilities campus-wide, from academic and administration, to athletics, admissions, and advancement.

Racad Tech is uniquely qualified to meet the needs of higher education

We recognize the stress placed on universities to attain more with diminishing resources. We’ve been helping campus print centers get the most out of their existing investments and available budget for decades.

Learn more about Racad’s proven W2P solutions for education by calling 844.W2P.TECH, emailing, or visiting

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